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If you are visiting us for the first time

Effectively manages engine maintenance at a high level.
With no additional charges, you will be able to use digital contents that will provide efficient and high-level engine maintenance management, while maintaining your usual environment, including insufficient Internet connection on the ship, or engine data being managed in Excel.

For example, SHIPSWEB can provide this kind of assistance to customers.

Your engine data entered in a specific Excel sheet will automatically be analyzed and instantly visible.
The status of each data will be marked with traffic light colors for an easy glance!
Graphs and comments will also be available for you to see, so that you can ascertain and judge your engine condition without any hassle.

SHIPSWEB offers1Need to skip the hassle of conditioning the engine and speedily diagnose the situation and make decisions!The information you have at hand will be visualized.

Data entry sheets just show numbers. It is hard to ascertain the engine's condition from them.
The data is there but cannot be put to effective use. Cannot spend much time on it either.

SHIPSWEB offersEngine performance assessment / parts-wear prediction
All you need to do is to upload the specific sheet (Excel file). The data will be instantly analyzed and visualized. You will be able to see assessment results and recommendations.

SHIPSWEB offers2Need to efficiently identify the status of the engines of all ships in the fleet!You can manage the overall situations of all managed ships.

Is there any way to see the engine condition of all ships easily?
I manage many ships, I cannot see which one needs support and needs resources put in.

SHIPSWEB offersOverview of all ships in the fleet
It is possible to efficiently ascertain and manage the engine condition of all your ships! You will be able to instantly see if there is any engine with an error. You can also check the positioning map of your ships.

SHIPSWEB offers3Need to equalize the quality of daily maintenance and management at a high level!You can use visual technical documents.

Daily maintenance and management quality varies by crew member, by their expertise.

SHIPSWEB offersTechnical information search /
Technical library
You can perform a keyword search and view visual technical documents including video manuals.

SHIPSWEB offers4Need to efficiently arrange maintenance parts without oversight!You can easily pick up the parts you need.

It is too much work to look in the instructions or check past order history and look for the parts needed for maintenance.
Oversight is a worry too as the process is hard to follow.

SHIPSWEB offersOnline parts catalog
All you need to do is click the illustration of the parts catalog!
You can pick up maintenance parts and create a list of those parts.

Need to resolve technical problems right away!

SHIPSWEB features an AI chat bot that supports technical inquiries for engine usage.
You can resolve technical problems through a chat.

SHIPSWEB offers technical
support 24 hours a day.

Chat bot

  • - You don't know how to use SHIPSWEB.
  • - You have technical concerns or questions regarding your engine.

You can easily ask the SHIPSWEB chat bot questions 24/7, and get instant answers.

How to apply for the service

You can create your account and start using the service at zero installation cost.

Register your email addressFill in the required items on the entry form and send it.
Enter your customer informationYou will receive an email from SHIPSWEB.
Record the required items on the entry form.
Please waitWe will check your account registration.
It takes about 3 weeks.(*)In cases where there is congestion due to the volume of applications, completing the application procedure may be longer than usual.
Notification of completing accout registrationWe will notify you of your login ID and password by email.
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