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To reduce your life-cycle costs, we will propose optimal
solutions with parts reconditioning techniques, which includes
our strong point of laser cladding technology.

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Approach to the basis of Safety

Approach to the basis of safe navigation.

Most equipment is electrically controlled today. Safe supply of electric power is the lifeline of ships.
If a problem occurs in the power generation engine, it disturbs navigation and cargo work and may generate terrible damages.
SHIPSWEB performs preventive maintenance as a mission and its digital contents serve power generation engines, which form the basis of safe navigation.

Advantage & Benefit

Get the future as it isGet the future maintenance services.

Without altering the current business routines, seamless and efficient preventive maintenance management of marine engines can be achieved.

Preventive Maintenance

Strongly supporting preventive maintenance
When you check your engine condition or plan maintenance schedules, YANMAR SHIPSWEB algorithm visualizes its conditions in the past and the future and gives you appropriate support.


Quickly solving your problems
When you have any problems using our engines or look for technical information on our products, our robot engineers are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Function introduction

SHIPSWEB's features.

Equipped with various features that aid your recognition, decision-making and operation to minimize the risk of accidents and reduce costs.

My Ship

Information for each individual ship
The YANMAR SHIPSWEB provides you with a report for each individual marine engine and its maintenance information. This service achieves even closer communication between our customers and YANMAR.


You can see ship location information, and be notified of actions required in the ECA (Emission Control Area), at optimal timings.

Ship Summary

Marine engine overview
The specifications of your marine engine are provided.

Engine Performance Monitor

Engine performance assessment
You can see the results of analysis of engine operation data as well as recommendations.
*When we receive the DG performance data,We are distributing the (monthly) Engine performance analysis report to you.

Maintenance Monitor

Recommendations for maintenance
You are informed of proper maintenance schedules and past maintenance histories. The system also allows you to check the proper maintenance procedure and record your maintenance activities.

Parts Wear Monitor

Predicting the wear and tear of main parts
Analysis of parts wear data will show you when the parts reach the end of their usage cycle.
*If you uploaded Specified “Parts wear measurement sheet (Excel file) ” , this feature will be activated.

Service News

YANMAR news service
Technology news provided by YANMAR can be read and searched here.

Technical Library

Technical information archives
You have access to instruction manuals, instructional videos and a variety of technical information on our marine engines, using the search function.

Parts Catalog

Creating lists for maintenance parts
This feature enables users to choose parts to be repaired and make lists.


Technological issues or questions? Ask us by chat. Our robot will assist you.


Services & Solutions

As well as online services, there is a whole range of after-sales services, offered worldwide.

Training service

The training program consists of lectures and field training where you will systematically learn about Yanmar engine structures and maintenance work.

Spare parts

Through its world-wide service network, YANMAR offers prompt and proper services even in emergencies, besides regular maintenance.

Reconditioning service

YANMAR provides a part reconditioning service by leveraging one of its core technical competencies, laser cladding.

Exchange service

The cost-effective maintenance program helps maintain the governor, which is the most important functional part of the engine, in optimal condition.

Field service

YANMAR swiftly dispatches highly-skilled engineers to our customers using its global network.

Vibration and noise service

YANMAR assesses noise and vibration caused by ships and marine engines, and provides consulting to mitigate the problems.


YANMAR Video Library

See videos that demonstrate Yanmar's initiatives.
With technology, we offer a new form of richness and contribute to the development of society.

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