Service contents

Service contents

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    My SHIPInformation for each individual ship

    The YANMAR SHIPSWEB provides you with a report for each individual marine engine and its maintenance information.

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    You can see ship location information, and be notified of actions required in the ECA, at optimal timings.

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    Ship SummaryMarine engine overview

    The specifications of your marine engine are provided.

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    Performance MonitorEngine performance assessment

    You can see the results of analysis of engine operation data as well as recommendations.

    *It linking when you upload the specified data sheet or the data of the Smart Link app.

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    SCR Monitor

    You can check the SCR operation data analysis results and recommendation.

    *This monitor works when the Smart Link app data are uploaded.

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    Maintenance MonitorRecommendations for maintenance

    You are informed of proper maintenance schedules and past maintenance histories.

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    Parts Wear MonitorPredicting the wear and tear of main parts

    Analysis of parts wear data will show you when the parts reach the end of their usage cycle.

    *If you uploaded Specified “Parts wear measurement sheet (Excel file) ” , this feature will be activated.

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    Service NewsYanmar news service

    Technology news provided by YANMAR can be read and searched here.

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    Technical LibraryTechnical information archives

    You have access to instruction manuals, instructional videos and a variety of technical information on our marine engines, using the search function.

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    Parts Catalog

    This feature enables users to choose parts to be repaired and make lists.

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    Technological issues or questions? Ask us by chat. Our robot will assist you.

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    Smart Link

    You can use this app to enter data aboard a ship or check recommendation.

    *This app contains pay contents.


Usage fee

No pay services are provided currently.