About the Service

Governor type Governor port No. * Check the governor type and port No. in advance.

Products covered by the governor exchange service

Engine type Governor type Governor port No.
1 6N18(A)L NZ61 3
2 6N21(A)L NZ61 3
3 8N21(A)L NZ61 3
4 6EY18(A)L NZ61 3
5 6EY21(A)L NZ61 3
6 6EY22(A)L NZ61 2

Maintenance is provided every 8,000 hours (every two years).

Recommended governor head maintenance

Governor head Out of service We kindly ask taht you replace and maintain consumables. Governor body The exchange service covers only the governor body.

This service does not cover governor heads. We recommend replacing and maintaining the governor motor, condenser and other consumables in the governor head.
Visit the Easy Quoting or Apply page to apply these parts.

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Extension of warranty period

If you apply for the warranty extension program, the product will be guaranteed for two and a half years from the delivery date. This is a program that assures the quality until the next maintenance period. If there is a defect while in normal use during the warranty period, we will deliver alternative products at no extra cost.

Warranty period First year Second year 3rd year (six months) Normal warranty of six months No extended warranty e.g. Costs for the replacement of a governor: Approx. JPY450,000 per replacement Normal warranty of six months Extension of warranty period The alternative products will be sent as needed, free of charge.* Price of warranty extension: JPY80,000/2 years * Conditions apply. Please refer to the written Terms of Service for the details.

To apply for the warranty extension program, go to the Easy Quoting or Apply screen.

How to replace and adjust a governor while on board

The manual for the procedure to replace a governor is available on the SHIPSWEBSMART-Link application. Or you can scan the QR code on the governor's packaging box. This manual fully supports all the work, including the crew's on-board operations.

You only have to scan the QR code.
Please download the SHlPSWEBSMART-Link application from Google Play. (This is not compatible with Apple's iOS.)

Introducing the process of manufacturing reconditioned products to ensure quality and safety

1Receiving inspection

A used governor sent in by a customer is disassembled and the individual parts are checked. (We may not be able to receive products as a trade-in, depending on their condition.)

Based on the Yanmar standard, professional engineers check if there are cracks, damage, sliding scratches or rust on individual parts.

2Parts replacement and repair

32 types of parts are replaced. They are cleaned and repaired at the same time.

Seven main parts (gear shaft, power piston, compensator, flyweight, pilot valve, floating lever and pressure adjustment valve) and 25 consumables (oil seals, bushes, packing) are replaced with new genuine parts regardless of their condition. Other parts are also replaced with new ones or repaired if deemed necessary in the inspection.

3Assembly and adjustment

The governor is reassembled. Each part is adjusted, and the unit is checked to ensure it operates properly.

4Pre-delivery inspection

All the products to be delivered are checked by professional engineers according to Yanmar's standards. Only those that pass are kept and delivered to you.

We will provide inspection records upon your request.


The governor exchange service provides reconditioned governors at reasonable prices based on the assumption that your used governor will be taken as a trade-in by Yanmar. Please note that your payment will change if we cannot trade your governor in for certain reasons (for example, you cannot send your used governor to Yanmar, or the condition of the product you sent is very poor). Please refer to "Terms of Service" for the details. You will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Service.

Service Track Record and Customer Testimonials

We have delivered more than 340 units

FY2017 to FY2020 delivery records of reworked governors
  • We are glad that governor maintenance was finished before docking.
  • Because we received the onboard replacement manual, the crew members could replace and adjust the governors without worry.
  • It was really helpful to be able to maintain the governor without worrying about the downtime generated while maintaining a landed vessel.
  • Hunting with unknown causes was found in the governor delivered by Yanmar after installation, and Yanmar promptly sent an alternative product.
  • The charge is similar to what other maintenance contractors offer, but the guarantee program is unique. We think this service is good value.
  • We were impressed by the environmental conservation activities, and are happy to be part of them.